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Glory o' the Dawn and Gloucester-Offshore cover
Glory o' the Dawn and Gloucester—Offshore

Written by Harold T. Pulsifer | Edited and with a biographical note by Christopher D. Cook | Cover art by Winslow Homer

In Glory o' the Dawn, a short tale of coastal Maine, an outcast craftsman is caught up in a small-town curfuffle when he builds an exquisite but ill-fated model of a ship. Harold Pulsifer weaves diverse threads about ships and the sea, small town society, near-obsessive perfectionism, nostalgia, and letting go. When these threads are pulled together, the reader is left to contemplate the meaning of human dignity. In Pulsifer's "Gloucester—Offshore" the author waxes philosophical while recounting a perilous night at sea in dense fog.

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About Silver Anchor Press

Silver Anchor Press is the name of the private press I founded on November 21, 2015, in Columbus, Ohio. Under this imprint, I publish works that interest me. I've had a life-long love of the printed word and have harbored the idea of a private press imprint since taking a letterpress printing course at the University of Illinois in 2007. Under the Silver Anchor Press imprint, I plan to publish interesting public domain works and new works using a variety of technologies including digital printing, print-on-demand, and letterpress.

The name of the press was inspired by the binding on the original 1923 edition of Harold T. Pulsifer's novel Glory o' the Dawn, the spine of which is adorned with a small, silver anchor. Pulsifer's novel became the first title released under the Silver Anchor Press imprint in February 2016.

—Christopher D. Cook